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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Jacksonville Florida

Do you wish your bathroom had a more relaxing feel?  Is your bathroom dated and too small?  We can help you make better use of the space that you have or we can expand the room.

Kitchen Remodeling Experts in Jacksonville Florida

Kitchens are the most used rooms in most homes.  Make a statement with a complete kitchen re-model.  Change the layout, knock out a wall, add cabinets and a pantry,  and update the appliances. Don’t take it on by yourself. Get help from a professional.

Home Additions and Add-ons Jacksonville Florida

Sometimes you don’t have enough space.  Is your family growing? Is a parent moving in with your young family? Do you have lots of guests an no guestroom?  Reach out to us  for some tips and the latest room addition ideas in the Jacksonville FL area.

Flooring Installations in Duval, Clay, St. Johns and St. Augustine Counties

Sometimes changing the cabinets and flooring can update the kitchen without breaking the bank.  Would you like help with your flooring project?

Hiring a Professional Home Remodeling Company in Jacksonville FL

The thought of remodeling your home might feel overwhelming, especially when you start reading into what you are undertaking. Talking to friends and co-workers can make the anxiety worse. Everyone has a story to tell about a negative remodeling experience. We understand what you’re going through and know that finding the right home remodeling company is important. The key is to look for sure signs of a professional home remodeling company, which should make things easier for you. We want you to know that My Remodel Right is the right contractor for you and we are committed to getting your remodel right the first time.

Client-Focused Remodeling Contractors

You need to make certain that the potential home remodeling contractor is focused on you, instead of just getting the job done. Sadly, some contractors do what they can to complete the project, without personalizing each project to fit the homeowner’s wants and needs. This is your home and your life. Every step and requirement that the contractor must take should be filtered through you, which is what we do. You want to find a contractor who is going to make your life easier. We make sure that you have a single point of contact who is in tune with your needs and wants and who will stay on top of each trade that participates in the project.

Strong and Unmistakable Reviews

The Internet has given you access to the voice of others in Jacksonville who have remodeled their homes. A good company will not be afraid to show you some of their reviews or work. Furthermore, you can look through the Internet search engines to find additional reviews. What you want to see is a pattern of satisfied customers. Sure, you may find a few bad reviews as no business can satisfy every client entirely. The key is finding out how real issues were resolved. You can talk to the contractors you are considering to see how issues were addressed. We are always there for our clients and can’t wait to talk you about the work we do.

Licensed and Bonded Upgrade Contractors

A major sign you are hiring a good contractor is that the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. There are some reasons why you want this. For one, hiring a remodeling company that does not have these things in place puts a homeowner at risk. For example, you do not want to be liable for any accidents that happen while work is being done in your home. We also understand that you want to be protected in case of any potential damage that may be done to the home while our team is working. Accidents happen from time to time, but we take responsibility for anything that is our fault. A professional remodeling contractor will be considerate enough to ensure that you have peace of mind as you remodel your home.

Good Communication Before, During and After

It is also vital that your contractor values communication. You are hiring our company, so we work for you. This means you need to be comfortable with the design and selections before we start work. We plan for potential problems and factor them into the budget. For example, there may be unexpected costs to attain permits or change materials, and you should know about that. Communication is even more vital should you and your family live on the premises during the process. You need to know how the contractor is going to deal with pollutants and waste that might accumulate within your house during the remodel.

Quality Matters in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

A good contractor is going to try to offer some of the highest quality fixtures or features. Trust us. We want to provide the very best experience and outcome to our clients. You want to hear your contractor talk about appliances that you trust or energy efficient additions to your home. You might also want to hear that your contractor has been keeping up with the latest styles. We also understand that there is a balance between cost and quality and we will guide you to select the best options for your family.

All of this should inform you that you have a remodeling company worthy of your time. Hopefully, some of these signs will help you choose a My Remodel Right as the best Jacksonville remodeling company and give us a chance to show you why we fit the bill.

Full Range of Services for Residential and Commercial Remodeling Projects

  • Update Your Cabinets: Black, White or Grey Cabinets with Paint and Glaze
  • Change Your Appliances:  Stainless Steel, Built-In, Double Ovens
  • Move and Modify Cabinets:  Re-Surface, Refinish Cabinets, Remove cabinets, Lazy Susan Cabinets.
  • Add Lighting:  Pendant Lights, Over  the Cabinet Lights, Under the Cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, can lights and LED lighting in the kitchen.
  • Change the Hood: Custom matched to your Cabinets, Stainless Steel, Vented and Lighted Hoods
  • Countertops: Corian, Granite, Quartz Countertops
  • Sinks:  Farmhouse sinks, single and double sinks, gourmet kitchen sinks.
  • Flooring:  Tile, Travertine, Stained or Stamped Concrete, Hardwood Floors
  • Add an Island with a Sink, Butcher Block Counters or Granite and Quartz

What Questions Do You Have?

We have over 20 years experience. Contact us today. We have answers.
Here are just a few of the questions that recent homeowners have asked…


  • How much does a kitchen cabinet upgrade cost?
  • What is the difference in tile and stamped concrete flooring installation?
  • How difficult is it to upgrade kitchen counters?
  • What if we wnat to remove a loadbearing wall?
  • How long will it take to finish the whole bathroom remodel with jacuzzi tub?

Add a Double Sink or Double Vanity and End the Bathroom Battles

Whether you’re looking for master bathroom renovation ideas, upgraded bathroom lighting ideas or double vanity ideas, we have what you’re dreaming about. We’ve helped many families restore the peace by adding sinks and counter space.


Add a Family Room, Great Room, or Man Cave in Saint Johns FL for more space

We have family room addition ideas for ranch style homes and beach houses. We can help you add space for a fireplace, sectional sofa, pool table or sliding glass doors.


Add More Space for the Kids, a Bonus Room or a Loft

Maybe you need a small room addition in Jacksonville or Orange Park Fl for the kids, guest or grandparents.  We can help you plan out the expansion so that you get the space that you need at a budget that you can handle.


Make Your Neighbors Jealous with a New Kitchen Renovation

We specialize in kitchen remodels whether small or large, galley or sprawling, under $15,000 or over $100,000.  We know what things to consider and we take the stress out of it.

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