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January, 2018
If you have the elderly in your home or persons who are handicapped in any way, you will do well to make your bathroom handicapped accessible. This will allow these persons to use the facilities without mishaps and give you peace of mind.
A bathroom that can be used easily by the disabled must be one in which it is easy to move about even if use when using walkers or wheelchairs. You can have a walk-in tub that is easier to enter and exit. Similarly, if showers are preferred, install walk-in showers or no curb showers. You may need to start your remodeling of a bathroom to make it handicapped accessible with widening the doors to allow for easy movement of wheelchairs. You may require eliminating any sills if present in front of the door. Sliding doors create more space in bathrooms, and if the handicapped person has a personal room and bathroom, it can also be a good idea to eliminate the door itself.

It is essential to start to make your bathroom handicapped accessible by installing handrails all around the bathroom wall, especially at places where the disabled person will need some leverage to stand up or move around in the bathroom. These grab bars will support the people when they need to get up or sit down. Another requisite for an ADA compliant bathroom that is easy to use for the disabled is the provision of non-slip floors. Mats placed in front of showers or tubs also must be skid resistant.  There are lots of steps that can be taken to make the bathroom accessible for disabled individuals.

Lighting and ventilation for bathrooms must also be looked at when you are making a bathroom fit for the disabled. People with vision problems will benefit from a well-lit bathroom, while ventilation can be of help to people who have asthma and other respiratory diseases. Refrain from placing rugs in bathrooms as they can prove a hindrance for wheelchairs. It also makes sense to accommodate sinks, counters and all cabinets in bathrooms at heights that are easy for the disabled to use. Look at the fittings and locks on cabinets and doors to bathrooms, as they must also be easy to operate. Magnetic catches come to mind here. It can help if locks on bathrooms are those that can be opened from outside in case of an emergency, as falls in bathrooms are quite common and can affect the elderly, who can then be attended to easily.  We can help you consider all of the options for aging in place.

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