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January, 2018
Bathrooms are vital rooms within a home. A bathroom that is poorly designed or too small can make life a lot less enjoyable. As such, upgrading a master bathroom is among the most popular home improvement projects. Here are six tips for upgrading a master bathroom, all of which our experienced company would be happy to help you with.

Upgraded Shower and Tub

Today’s trend is towards luxurious bathroom features. Nothing says “luxury” like an oversized water jet tub or a multi-head shower. Installing a rain head showerhead is very popular. Think “spa” when considering a bathtub and shower for your master bathroom. If space allows, you might even consider expanding your shower into a spacious adjoining shower room. Not only will you get a lot of luxurious enjoyment from these features, but they will also be hot selling points if you ever decide to put your house on the market.
Tight, cramped fiberglass showers were popular in 1995-2010, but now the tiled showers with glass wall and doors are very current.

  • glass shower doors
  • rainhead showers
  • dual shower heads
  • zero threshold entries

Expanded Closet Space

A master bathroom is a perfect place to add more closet space. A walk-in closet can immediately transform a ho-hum bathroom into a more useful, convenient and luxurious space. Imagine having your clothing items organized within close reach, while also having more space to store bathroom supplies and essentials. You can never go wrong when adding more storage to a room. An adjoining dressing area is also a great addition to a master bathroom. If your property allows, bumping out a wall to include his and her closet and an enlarged bathroom can add a lot of comfort and resale value to your how.


Separate Toilet Area

A separate toilet area is a perfect addition to a shared master bathroom. This simple addition alone will immediately transform the room into more useful and personalized space. By making the toilet area separate, the master bathroom can be more easily shared by two people at the same time. Once you have experienced the privacy that this simple renovation provides, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

Double Sinks and Plenty of Counter Space

Double sinks, surrounded by plenty of counter space, are a must in a shared master bathroom. Focus on providing enough counter space for each person to keep his or her toiletries well organized, with personalized cabinet storage space.

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Good Lighting

Good lighting is critically important in the bathroom. Make sure there is ample lighting, especially around the vanity area. Make sure that the light fixtures are arranged to minimize harsh shadows, and to provide bright enough lighting for personal grooming tasks such as shaving.  A combination of bright lighting for applying makeup and shaving and mood lighting for quiet baths and soothing showers are a winning combination.

Luxurious Visuals

The master bathroom is where you likely spend the beginning and end of every day. As such, it should be a serene and visually pleasing area. Beautiful tile, attractive fixtures, and luxurious flooring will help to transform a plain bathroom into a sumptuous owner’s suite or master bathroom that you will enjoy using.

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