Make your hall bathroom something special with a renovation project.


January, 2018

Even though a half bath may seem small, it equally deserves to be well maintained and looking classic just like other spaces in your house. We have cool expert trends for your half bath remodel project to help you give your half bath a complete facelift.

Experiment with Colors in the Bathroom

Like any other small room, a half bath is an excellent place to try out bold colors. But as much as we encourage homeowners to experiment with bold colors when remodeling their small baths, we equally discourage them not to overdo it using too many accessories. Instead, we insist on the need to find the perfect balance for best possible results.

Free up the Floor Space

This is arguably the coolest small bath remodeling trend that we always share with homeowners that are embarking on a small bath remodeling project. The best way to free up the floor space is by picking a pedestal sink to maximize the available floor space. We prefer pedestal sinks since they are perfect for powder rooms and half baths since the need for additional space usually supersedes storage requirements.

Embrace a Sleek Design

Giving a sleek look to your small bath can significantly make it look trendy and classic. A wall-mounted faucet, glass shelves, and clean lines can help give your little bathroom a sleek look, at the same time maximizing storage space. Above all, having an elegant design can help eliminate any unnecessary design distractions.

Invest in High Quality Fixtures and Lighting

One great element of small baths is that they require fewer furnishings than other larger indoor spaces. Therefore, small baths are the perfect place for splurging on high-end pieces such as the copper vessel sink. Besides investing in high-end fixtures, we recommend you to do the following to make your small bath even more classic.

  • Incorporate unique fixtures
  • Decorate your small bath
  • Replace old fixtures with new ones
  • Install extravagant lighting
  • Install a unique tile backsplash
  • Use stone as an accent wall
  • Add shelving above the toilet for displays

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Install Large Mirrors

We recommend having mirrored walls on powder rooms and small baths simply because we know how mirrors are an excellent way of adding depth to a small room. Better still, a mirrored wall can significantly double visual space thereby making your small bath look bigger than usual.

Opt for Smaller Appliances

One reason why most people feel their small bath is too small is simply that they go for bigger appliances. As such, opt for smaller appliances that feel just right for your small bath.

Although small baths are largely viewed as simple spaces, there are important considerations just like other spaces. Contact My Remodel right at https://myremodelright.com/ today so we can guide you on your small bath remodeling project and also give you insights on how to make your half bath truly extraordinary.


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