Whether you have a small bathroom or a small budget, we can help.
January, 2018
Many homes have a small bathroom, and that makes it hard when you walk into it or when more than one person wants to use it; however, there are tips for remodeling your small bathroom that will help. These tips won’t break the bank either.

Space-Saving Pedestal Sinks

The vanity in your bathroom takes up a lot of space.

  • To add more room to your small bathroom, take out the vanity and install a pedestal sink.
  • Pedestal sinks require little room and immediately add footage to your bathroom.

You’ll probably find that what was being stored beneath the sink was just junk anyway.

How About a Glass Shower in Your Condo Bathroom?


Your bathroom can look much larger by installing a smooth glass shower door in your condo bathroom. If this sounds expensive, put up a clear shower curtain. Keep in mind; it will look as if there is no shower curtain at all.
If you are remodeling the shower to add the glass doors go ahead, an add a niche or two in the walls for bottles and soaps. It makes the tub area look so much more organized.


Hang Your Shower Curtains High

There is another way to fool your eyes into thinking that your small bathroom is larger than it is and that is hanging your shower curtain as high as possible. By installing your shower curtain higher, the bathroom will look bigger and brighter.

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Use Your Bathroom Door For Storage

Storage in a bathroom can quickly eat up the size; however, if you place some storage racks on the back of the bathroom door, you will free up items you store in cabinets and shelving on the walls. Small shelving can store hair accessories, toilet paper, and cleaning products.

Brighten Up Your Lights

Lights in your bathroom can also make your bathroom look bigger and of course, brighter. Always allow light to come into your bathroom. Add vanity lighting, as well as lighting in the ceiling. The brighter your bathroom, the larger and more spacious it will look.  Lighting can really help with the perception of making space in the small bath room.

Keep Your Bathroom White

When possible, keep the furniture in your bathroom all white.

• Shower tiles, towels, toilet, sink, shower curtain—all large pieces should be white.
• When everything in the small bathroom is white, your entire bathroom will look larger, and it will have a classy and bright look.

Bring on the Mirrors

If your small bathroom does not have a mirror, install one soon. Mirrors also play tricks with the eyes, looking like there is a mirror or two nearby. Any way to use mirrors in the bathroom is by using mirrored decorative pieces like trays. They reflect more light.

To conclude, many homes have a small bathroom. Follow the above tips for remodeling your small bathroom and make your small bathroom spacious and beautiful.

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