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Set a Reasonable Bathroom Remodeling Budget

We know how to complete our renovations on time and on budget.  Give us a chance to show you the Remodel Right difference.


Kids Bathroom, Guest Bathroom or Master Bathroom?

Every bath remodel is unique.  We start with a clean slate and cater to your tastes and style.

Bathroom Renovations in Jacksonville Beach Require Expertise

There are a broad range of styles in the area from ranch, historic and beach homes.  We can handle it all.

We Focus on the Bathroom Design, Construction Times and Costs

Our architects and designers are experts in their fields.  We tie it all together and give you a single point of contact.

Benefits Of Selecting A Design-Build Contractor For Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether planning a bathroom addition or remodeling existing bathrooms, there is a list of goals you wish to accomplish. Having a beautiful bathroom upgrade is a remarkable achievement; an efficient bath design can eliminate traffic jams, proper lighting can enhance your morning routine and sufficient storage assists in keeping the space tidy. We can help you to come up with solutions that will take care of all your bathroom needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Process

The process of remodeling a bathroom with the design-build approach is becoming increasingly popular. This is largely due to the many benefits that can be gained by using this approach. Design-build contracts are a brilliant technique used widely across the globe. As implied by the name, this kind of contract is utilized when design and construction simultaneously take place for the duration of the contract. Design-build contracts are typically the preferred contracting technique when a project has a tight schedule as it is designed to save time, re-work and money. Using this approach also establishes the budget, materials, and layout before starting the project.

Types of Bathroom Remodel Projects

Double Vanity Installation

Bath Drywall Replacement

Small Bathroom Remodels

Master Bath Suite Remodels

Disabled and Handicap Access Bath Remodeling

Jacuzzi Tub Installation

Moving Toilet Remodels

Open Shower and Rain Shower Installations

Walk-in Shower Installations

Glass Shower Replacement

Large Bathroom Renovations

When you enter into a design-build contract with us, professional designers and builders will collaborate, and this includes producing construction drawings and analyzing a logical sequence for construction. The process of the design is scheduled in stages, as the builder is prepared to start that specific phase. Selecting a design-build contractor for your bathroom remodel brings the following benefits:

Single Accountability Source

The design-build approach provides the option of having a single source of accountability for the duration of the project. It lends itself to cooperation, relationships and fosters teamwork. The relationship developed during the design stage assists in ensuring the foundation is laid for a successful construction project.

Enhanced Communication

With this approach, precise design and construction particulars are being developed all through the process and owner “value” remains the main focus. A major benefit of simultaneously working with a design expert and construction professional is that potential problems are discovered and communicated before the start of the project.

Better Budget Management

Having discussions about the budget during the design phase will assist in keeping the project within a realistic budget. Discussing the price implications of design choices will ensure the homeowner plays an integral role in deciding the final project cost. Upon finalizing the scope of work, the clearly-defined costs will be controlled by us.

Quality Control

The design-build approach assists in removing uncertainty that could arise in construction and material specifications. Since the engineer, designer, and builder are part of the same team, protecting the client’s interest remains the focus.

Faster Completion of Project

It may seem that the design phase takes a bit longer but overall the design-build projects can be finished in a shorter time because the process eliminates error, miscommunication, and mistakes. This means possible construction problems will be uncovered early and greater communication allows everything to keep moving forward.

The design-build approach is inherently flexible during the design phase; therefore, it is a remarkable way of tackling various types of projects. Forming a team steeped in design and construction experience will create the opportunity for “one-stop shopping” at its very best. Please contact us for further details on how we can help you with your bathroom renovation project.

Full Range of Services for Residential Bathroom Upgrades

Bathroom Demolition and Remodel
Double Vanity Installation
Bath Drywall Replacement
Small Bathroom Remodels
Master Bath Suite Remodels
Disabled and Handicap Access Bath Remodeling
Jacuzzi Tub Installation
Moving Toilet Remodels
Open Shower and Rain Shower Installations
Walk-in Shower Installations
Glass Shower Replacement
Large Bathroom Renovations
Replace Granite and Cabinets
Replacing Floors
Under Cabinet Lighting
Recessed Can Lighting
Shower Remodel with Glass Block
Shower Remodel with Subway Tile

You Have Questions? And We Have Answers!

Don’t  get overwhelmed by all of the questions that you have and all of the possible scenarios.  We’ ve completed many types of projects and we’ve probably seen it before.  Let us sort through the maze for you.

  • How do we keep the bath remodel on budget?
  • How much value will this work add to the price of my home?
  • What are the permitting requirements for our remodel?
  • Which style will go best with the rest of the home?
  • Which counter and cabinet materials will work best for our family?
  • What are some of the key bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid?

Residential Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Jacksonville FL

Even if you r home is 100 or 50 years old, the bathroom can be modern and new.  Add a spa tub or glass shower doors and double sinks.


Rainhead Showers and All Types of Plumbing Modifications

Upgrade to the latest bathroom fixtures.  Change out old showerheads for rainhead show heads.  Or add a doilb eshower so no one gets the “cold shoulder”.


Glass Shower Doors and Sunken Tub Renovations

Sleek designs calls for glass and chrome. Rustic designs may call for stone, marble and extravagant listellos.  We have the perfect design for you.


Materials Selection Can Drive the Budget

Finish off the new bathroom with beautiful borders, fixtures and hardware.

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