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Unique Great Room and Kitchen Design Ideas

This area of the house gets the most use and must suite the needs of everyone in the family.  We have some great ideas to make the great room special!


Budget-Friendly or Out of This World

We have experience with the whoe spectrum.  Put your mind at ease when you contact My Remodel Right company.

Kitchen Remodel Keeping Old Cabinets

Whether we rip it all out or if you want to build around a few key elements, we can design around your requirements.

We Focus on the Client

We get to know you and how you paln to use th epsace before we take the first step.  Give us a chance to get to know you.

Interior Remodeling Company – My Remodel Right

Th home is where most of the family action takes place, but so many of us take it for granted. We tolerate tacky wallpaper, non-user-friendly arrangements, and old fixtures because we think it’s too inconvenient to set aside time to give the space a facelift. However, taking your interior from drab to fab may be easier than you think.

Why work with us?

With decades of experience serving loyal clients, we can deliver remodeling projects that reflect your vision. Clients differ in what they want their personal spaces to look and feel, but every client appreciates our top notch service and communication. Years in the industry has taught us the importance of working closely with clients in determining aspects of the remodeling project, from exact countertop measurements, best locations for the windows to the specific colors of your carpet or hardwood flooring.


We know that safety is an important consideration especially in spaces like the kitchen or bath. How you use your room, how often, how many people are going to be in this space at any given time, all will be considered in creating a design to create a house that is not only safe, functional, and easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Quick Projects According to Your Time Frame

Most of the action occurs in the kitchen. This is the reason why we make sure that each kitchen project is done according to your time-frame so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible. Refacing is a great option if you have a limited amount of time for renovations. We also offer hybrid options such as the installation of new cabinetry, so you get the best of both worlds. Variety in options such as kitchen refacing allows homeowners like you to opt for quick remodeling options that will still bring a major improvement to an otherwise old and outdated kitchen.


We make sure that you given project estimates free from any hidden fees. We also help customers determine the perfect remodeling plan for them, including options that can reduce expenses and reconstruction times.

Excellent Post-Project Management

We also ensure that post-project customer care is reliable and readily accessible. We stay in contact with clients long after the job is completed to ensure that everything is great.

Experience paired with attention to detail, exemplary customer service and the dedication to only using high-quality materials that conform to industry standards allows us to assure customers that they are getting the best version of their dream kitchen, in the budget and time frame that they have.

Take your interior remodel in Jacksonville to the next level with a team that knows how to complete the project on time and on-budget. Call us today for a quote.

Services Offered

We offer a wide variety of home construction and home remodeling services including:

Complete architectural design

Detailed work description

Permit processing

Demolition and tear out



Flooring installation

Drywall replacement or installation

Cabinet and countertop installation

Cabinet and countertop refacing

Interior finishing

Designer consultation

All Your Questions Anwered

Don’t  get overwhelmed by all of the questions that you have and all of the possible scenarios.  We’ ve completed many types of projects and we’ve probably seen it before.  Let us sort through the maze for you.

  • What is the typical budget for an interior remodel?
  • How much will this construction work add to the price of my home?
  • What are the permitting requirements for our remodel and who is responsible for securing the permits?
  • Which counter and cabinet materials will work best for our family?
  • What if we need to add a wall? Or what it we need to remove a wall?
  • What are some of the common remodeling mistakes that homeowners make?

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