Replace cabinets, add lighting, and switch out countertops for a quick kitchen renovation project.
January, 2018
One of the surest ways of transforming the look of your outdated kitchen is by upgrading your kitchen cabinets. But most homeowners overlook the importance of changing the look of their kitchen cabinets, not knowing it is an excellent way of adding style and functionality to their kitchen. As the leading remodeling company in Jacksonville, we are committed to helping homeowners like you transform the look of their homes for the better. To help you create a fresh, new look in your kitchen, here are some of the simple ways to spruce up your cabinets:

Paint The Cabinets

At times, your kitchen cabinets may appear old and outdated, but putting a new coat of paint on them can make a huge difference altogether. We recommend mixing colors on the lower and upper cabinets to create a new style and to add richness. You can also try any color that will complement the décor of your entire kitchen. However, there are some mistakes we would encourage you not to make when painting your kitchen cabinets.

  • Use bright colors instead so that you can brighten up the gloomy cabinets.
  • Painting your kitchen before cleaning them up using sandpaper and a strong cleaner
  • Using poor quality paint that is likely to fade in a few months

Install Lighting on Your Cabinets

Installing lighting on your kitchen cabinets can be a practical improvement that can make the whole kitchen space glow. While lighting your cabinets, we always encourage homeowners to embrace a multi-directional approach to create a lasting transformation. Adding lights to the top or underneath can add flair to the room.

Get Rid of the Doors

Removing the kitchen cabinet doors and converting your cabinets into open shelving is yet another great way of upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Removing the doors can also help create additional storage space you can fill with items that you use frequently. You might also consider adding glass doors.

Install Cabinet Crown Molding

This is another nice way of upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Our company recommends adding cabinet crown molding since we know it can make all the difference when it gets to transforming the available storage space into a seamless design. You can do this by mounting molding on the hardware frame that rests above the kitchen cabinets.

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Swap Out Old, Boring Hardware

Removing old knobs and pulls is also an excellent way of upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Simply put, swap out boring hardware and look for other new, trendy options. Combining new hardware with new fixtures can change the entire look of the kitchen.

Still Not Happy with the Changes?

Upgrading kitchen cabinets is truly an important part of kitchen renovation project. Contact us today if you are still having problems with upgrading your outdated cabinets, and we will surely help upgrade your cabinets in a way they will look superb.

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