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Great Room Design Ideas

Vaulted ceilings, coffered ceilings, and more

Guest Rooms and Mother-In-Law Suites

Expand your square footage with an additional bedroom and bathroom

Kid's Rooms, Game Rooms and Playrooms

Give the kids their special space so that you can clear the clutter in the rest of the house.

Man Caves and Theater Rooms

Make his year with his special room.  And don’t give him the smallest room in the house!

Room Additions Add More than Just Space

People buy homes based on current needs and wants, but these often change with time. What was considered as ample several years ago may be lacking today. We help homeowners modify their properties to cope and add the space that is missing. They could, for instance, build room additions to the existing structure. They can go vertical or horizontal depending on the property.

The benefits of adding a room in Jacksonville include the following:

1. Enable the house to grow with the family.

Families start out small. Newly-wed couples may buy a house thinking that it will just be them and maybe one or two children in the future. However, things don’t always go according to plan. The family may get bigger than expected and so the house should also expand accordingly. An additional room could serve as a bedroom for the growing kids. They no longer need to share a crowded space.

2. Provide suitable accommodations for guests.

The addition may also be a guest room. If you are the type who likes to entertain guests, then this is perfect for you. Have a family gathering at your place or welcome the in laws instead of sending them to the hotel. They won’t have to sleep on your couch during the night which can get awkward. Instead, they can take the spare room that is dedicated for this purpose. You will no longer hesitate to invite relatives, friends, and colleagues.

3. Expand your home’s storage capacity.

Clutter is one of the biggest problems in most homes. The shelves and cabinets quickly fill up, thus leaving no room for the more recent acquisitions. These end up as clutter all over the house. They are eyesores and hazards that must be dealt with. You could trim down your belongings, add more shelves or cabinets, and build a new room dedicated for storage.

4. Foster a better environment for working.

More people are now choosing to work from home. This allows them to achieve a balanced life that they can’t always get when working inside a corporate office. The problem is that there might not be a space devoted for this. They simply work in their bedroom or the kitchen when it’s not in use. This is not ideal, especially if there are kids and pets running around. Foster a better environment for productivity and concentration with a quiet home office. It may also be used as an organized space for crafts and hobbies.

5. Create special environments.

Sunroom additions are perfect for places that receive only a small amount of natural light throughout the year. The transparent glass throughout the structure maximizes indoor illumination. People also get to feel closer to their surroundings while still being protected from the elements. This is great if you have a beautiful garden outside. It is also possible to grow plants inside.

We help homeowners achieve their dreams. We can extend our professional assistance whether they wish to build, remodel, or add features to their house. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about room additions.

Full Range of Services for Home Additions

Demolition and Remodel
Add a Wall
Remove a Wall
Upgrade the Flooring
Great Room Additions
Bonus Room Additions
Build a Man Cave
Kid’s Room or Toy Room
Gaming Room
Home Theater Additions
Add a Home Office or Study

All Your Questions Anwered

Don’t  get overwhelmed by all of the questions that you have and all of the possible scenarios.  We’ ve completed many types of projects and we’ve probably seen it before.  Let us help.

  • How much is a home addition in the attic?
  • What are the permitting requirements for our home addition over the garage?
  • What are the pros and cons of a glass room addition?
  • What are the best ways to build a energy efficient sunroom?
  • Can you handle the room addition roof framing?
  • When can we start on a home theater?

Add Extra Bedrooms for Guests and a Mother-In-Law Suite

Make room for the ones who love you the most.  Let us help you create a space that they will love almost as much as they love you.


Attic Renovation Contractors

Turn that hot attic into space that you can use with a project that only a few contractors in Jacksonville can really handle.


Pool Rooms, Game Rooms and Bonus Rooms

Everyone will be fighting over this room when we’re done with it.


Make a Sunroom or add a Sunken Room for Fun

Have you always wanted a sunroom where you can relax and nap?  don’t wait any longer.  Hiring My Remodel Right to get the job done.

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